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Twin Wall Flue Systems

What is a Twin Wall Flue?

A twin wall flue system, also known as a double-wall flue system or insulated chimney pipe, is a type of chimney or venting system used for safely venting hot gases and smoke from wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, boilers, and other appliances that burn solid fuels. It is designed to provide improved insulation and safety compared to traditional single-wall flue pipes.

The twin wall flue system consists of two concentric pipes: an inner pipe through which the hot gases and smoke pass, and an outer pipe that serves as an insulating layer. The gap between the inner and outer pipes is filled with insulating material, often a type of ceramic fibre or mineral wool insulation. This insulation helps to keep the outer pipe cooler, reducing the risk of heat transfer to nearby combustible materials and maintaining a safer installation.
Twin wall flue systems are commonly used in situations where a traditional masonry chimney is not available or practical, such as in new constructions, retrofitting existing buildings, or installing appliances in locations that don't have easy access to a suitable chimney structure.

Advantages of a Twin Flue System


Improved Safety: 

The insulated design minimises the risk of external surfaces becoming dangerously hot, reducing the potential for igniting nearby materials.



Twin wall flue systems can be installed both internally and externally, allowing for greater flexibility in the positioning of appliances and chimneys.



The insulation helps maintain higher temperatures inside the flue, improving the draft and the overall efficiency of the heating appliance.


Reduced Clearance Requirements:

Because the outer pipe remains cooler, the required clearance to combustible materials can be smaller compared to single-wall flue systems.


Condensation Prevention:

Insulation helps prevent the formation of condensation within the flue, which can lead to corrosion and other issues in the long term.


Aesthetic Consideration: 

The outer pipe can often be finished with decorative covers or coatings, enhancing the appearance of the chimney system.

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